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Interview with Verona van de Leur from Verona Works Racing Team


Who knows Verona van de Leur and Verona Works Racing Team now not. How is the team of the former gymnast now arise. We did an interview with Verona and asked her how it all started and what the objectives of the team.

Verona how did you come up with the idea to put on to a cross-team and not eg a gymnastics team.

After my successful career as a gymnast and after much height- and lows, I have been in 2008 decided to put an end to gymnastics. But I am and remain at heart a sportswoman and can find something beautiful in every sport. Motocross is a very intensive spectacular sport. I did that for the first time encountered when a neighbor boy of mine sport practiced and me familiarize made.
Of the 1 kwam het ander en ik had besloten de jongen in mijn shirt te laten rijden. Which quickly grew into a team of 6 boys and girls.

Which riders ride in your team at the moment and what is your goal for this year.

At present, we have next to Kevin van den Hoorn (#11) those years back already has put his stamp on the national and international motocross happen 2 young drivers: Steffano Antennas #74 (85cc small wheels) Jeremy de Jong #84 (85cc wheels). Target this year
I have agreed with the boys that they mainly, and what for me the most important thing is, out for yourself at what they want to drive. They do nothing for me except have fun in sports and sports to their fellow teammates. Kevin van den Hoorn, the second half of the season to do the same as the first half: in the superclass ride on events and club crosses occasional mon free class. Steffano Anten is currently 5th in the standings mon and will do the second half of his season best to rise some places. Jeremy de Jong has his first half season on mon 85 cc neatly racked he is currently 15th. He has in the summer break, decided to move to the second half of the season in the 125cc and has 85 already exchanged. Currently he steams himself ready for next season with a lot of training and some competitions here and there. We also have a Quad-Team consisting of 1 family (Rule Meijer): Father Marco, son Bob and daughters Isa and Dian. Son Bob is currently the great talent. He is training hard to drive mon next year. Furthermore, you can especially see our quads at events and offroad rides.

If there is an extension to arrive for the new season.

Goodness knows… Of course we look at all the possibilities to what suits our team and we have a few names in mind and are doing so in negotiations. (mensen kunnen zich altijd aanmelden als ze denken iets te kunnen betekenen voor ons team via het contactformulier op )

Last winter have attracted you Kevin van den Hoorn trainer starts this already bearing fruit.

And, Kevin van den Hoorn is a highly skilled trainer, not only in the first place by its vast experience, but also in the way he knows how to translate the boys to. Precisely because our boys are always in a good supervision is extremely important transition. Kevin is there in my opinion the right person for.

We see the Verona Works Team in the future also in the Dutch Open Championship MX1 / MX2?

We do not have a crystal ball, cross sport has to do with many factors. We will always be looking to our side or in the future expansion into that kind of competitions is possible.

Verona you do not have the urge to get even on the dirt bike?

Haha to honestly say I find it amazing to see how the boys and especially clever and certainly the girls that have guts. I think I'm too cautious and that now not once go with this sport, so I leave that to the experts.

Are there people you want to thank.
First let me say that the Verona Works Racing Team in first place team, and not a sponsor. In practice, people get this 2 things often interchangeably… we have chosen to work without sponsors and what we offer comes from our own budget, because we, as I mentioned earlier, the rider / rider would impose no obligations which of course if you are working with sponsors another story. My thanks go out to drivers / rijdsters, parents / guardians who understand this and find it great to be part of my team.

Verona thanks for your time and good luck with your team.

You're welcome and thank you too.

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